Additional Ongoing and Planned Clinical Studies: 

Treovir has an aggressive plan to test G207 clinically in multiple pediatric indications over the next 3 years: 

Currently Enrolling: 

Recurrent Medulloblastoma -  Phase 1.  G207 therapy in combination with 5Gy Radiation

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Recurrent Glioblastoma - Phase 2.  G207 with 5Gy Radiation:  - anticipated start 2021. Designed to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy with power to support product approval. 


Pediatric:  Combination Therapy Trials - Phase 1.

  • G207, 5Gy radiation with 1 vs 2 Checkpoint Inhibitors: Phase 1  

  • G207, 5Gy radiation with low dose temozolomide: Phase 1  


Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Patients - Phase 1.

  • Glioblastoma:  G207 + 5Gy radiation; 3 week pause then 2Gy radiation attenuated fractions (15 instead of 30) with concurrent low dose temozolomide (70mg/M2)

  • Medulloblastoma - G207 therapy in combination with 5Gy Radiation


Future Adult Trial:  Low Grade Glioma Phase 1. 

  • G207 with 5 Gy Radiation with or without checkpoint inhibitors