Brain and central nervous system tumors are the most common cancer in children under age 14. Yet current treatments are ineffective and often produce profound side effects and neurological impairment in young brains.  


Mortality and quality of life are unacceptable:  Glioblastoma is a uniformly fatal form of brain cancer with a  5-year survival rate of less than 17%.  Median overall survival for children with recurrent glioblastoma is 5.6 months from diagnosis.


 Treovir's Objectives:  

1. Commercialize G207 for treatment of recurrent and newly diagnosed pediatric brain tumors, a disease with a devastating impact on thousands of children and their families. 

2. Ensure G207 is accessible and affordable for all patients both during clinical development (compassionate access) and after commercialization.

Michael has more than 20 years of operations, IP, legal and transactional experience in the

biotech industry. Michael previously founded and led Nurel Therapeutics until its sale to

Diamyd (Stockholm) and Catherex until its sale to Amgen. He has previously also held positions

as a biotech transactional attorney at Cooley Godward, the Federal Trade Commission, and the

National Cancer Institute.

Yancey is Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB)

with over 27 years direct research experience with oncolytic HSV and G207. Yancey was

instrumental in developing the protocols for the three previous G207 adult brain tumor trials.

He is a Scientific Advisory Board Member for the American Brain Tumor Association, the

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and the National Brain Tumor Society (Chair) and the

National Brain Tumor Society (Chair). Previously he co-directed the Neuro Oncology Program

in the UAB O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center.

James Markert, MD, is Chairman of Neurosurgery, UAB.  Clinical oncolytics expert.

Dr. Markert served as PI on all three G207 adult glioblastoma trials and other oncolytic

virus glioma studies.

Richard Whitley, MD, is Chief, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Children’s of Alabama.

Dr. Whitley has more than 30 years research experience with oncolytic viruses, oncolytic HSV,

and G207. He is also a Board Member for Gilead Sciences.

Michael Christini, J.D., CEO  

G. Yancey Gillespie, Ph.D.,  CSO  

Other Treovir Advisors